Kessel spring

Kessel spring 2001 – 2011  

Cave is located nearby Hallstatt lake, under the northern slopes of the Dachstein. At intense rains and melting glaciers spring take away a water from the eastern part of the cave system Hirlatz. Hirlatz with its more then 100 km of tunnels (2014) is currently 24th longest cave system of the world. In the past various groups of cave divers try to penetrate through this spring to dry part of Hirlatz cave called Hirschaulabyrinth.

I started to dive here since 2001. The possibility of further continuation of the exploring forced me to overcome the work associated with each transport of equipment through dry part between the first and second siphon. After two years of continuous work, also with a few friends, 14th December 2003 i succesfully dived through a second siphon into the inner part of dry cave Hirlatz. On the wall above the final lake stay old rope loop, which left here by Austrian cavers when discovery this dry part at 1992.I was here in the next few years several more times, for the purpose of mapping and make video documentation. We have also try with friends the possibility of further diving in a small siphon nearby in Hirschaulabyrinth at 2011.

By diving through Kessel Siphon was discovered a second entrance to the cave Hirlatz and extended its overall length about 550 meters, and depth about 64 meters more.Length of the second siphon is 480 meters, the maximum depth of -64 m. Water temperature is ca 5-6 ° C.

Postcard with Kessel and Hirschbrunn springs 1816, publication Die Hirlatz hohle im Dachstein 1998 Map of the known parts of the Kessel, publication Die Hirlatz hohle im Dachstein 1998 Working map of new discovered parts of second siphon 2003-2010Before diving, photo by J. Encev After dive, photo by Milena Schober Before divingBefore dive to second siphon, photo by J. EncevJ . Encev before dive to second siphon Transport of equipmentBetween two siphonsKessel siphon, photo by P. VaverkaKessel siphon, photo by P. VaverkaHirlatz cave - after dive through Kessel siphon, photo by J. Encev  J. Encev - after dive through Kessel siphonHirlatz cave - HirschaulabyrinthJ. Encev - HirschaulabyrinthExploring new siphon in Hirschaulabyrinth 2011, photo by J. EncevExploring new siphon in Hirschaulabyrinth 2011, photo by J. Encev


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